Sarah Schimke

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This study examines the processing and interpretation of passive sentences in German-speaking seven-year-olds, ten-year-olds, and adults. This structure is often assumed to be particularly difficult to understand, and not yet fully mastered in primary school (Kemp, Bredel, & Reich, 2008), i.e. in… read more
Urbanek, Lukas, Gregory J. Poarch, Sarah Schimke, Johanna Fanta en Gunther De Vogelaer 2017 Anders, of toch niet? Het Nederlandse pronominale genus door de bril van Duitse NVT-leerdersDutch Journal of Applied Linguistics 6:2, pp. 147–173 | Article
Both in Dutch and to a lesser extent in German, pronouns can agree with a noun’s lexical gender or be chosen on semantic grounds. It is well-known that for non-human antecedents, Dutch seems to be shifting towards a more semantic system, via a process labelled ‘hersemantisering’, in which gender… read more
Hickmann, Maya †, Sarah Schimke and Saveria Colonna 2015 From early to late mastery of reference: Multifunctionality and linguistic diversityThe Acquisition of Reference, Serratrice, Ludovica and Shanley E.M. Allen (eds.), pp. 181–211 | Article
Developmental studies report either early or late mastery of reference during first language acquisition. This overview focuses on two dimensions that may account for this gap: the multifunctional nature of referring expressions that simultaneously contribute to linguistic organization at sentence… read more