Ane Odria

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ane Odria plays a role.


Odria, Ane and Anna Pineda 2023 A micro-comparative approach to DOM in language-contact environments: The case of Catalan, Basque and SpanishDifferential Object Marking in Romance: Towards microvariation, Irimia, Monica Alexandrina and Alexandru Mardale (eds.), pp. 315–347 | Chapter
This paper focuses on the interaction between Spanish DOM, on the one hand, and Basque and Catalan DOM on the other. We thus address the contact situation attested among these languages from a micro-comparative perspective and we base on both diachronic as well as synchronic data. In Basque the… read more
Odria, Ane 2019  dom and datives in Basque: Not as homogeneous as they might seemDifferential objects and datives – a homogeneous class?, Irimia, Monica Alexandrina and Anna Pineda (eds.), pp. 7–30 | Article
This paper analyzes the syntax of dom and causee, experiencer, goal and possessor datives in Basque. It presents novel criteria distinguishing their categorical status: the possibility (i) to license Depictive Secondary Predication (DSP) and (ii) to appear as non-agreeing in contexts affected by… read more
This article analyzes the nature of Differential Object Marking (DOM) in Basque varieties. It demonstrates that, despite their identical dative morphology, DOM objects display a different syntax to goal indirect objects. Based on the licensing of depictive secondary predication and on the… read more