Mark E. Amsler

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Latin Grammars in Transition, 1200 - 1600

Edited by Anneli Luhtala and Mark E. Amsler

Special issue of Historiographia Linguistica 44:2/3 (2017) vi, 270 pp.
Subjects History of linguistics
Subjects Classical linguistics | Classical philosophy | History of linguistics | Medieval linguistics | Medieval philosophy | Philosophy


In the history of linguistics John Pickering (1777–1846) and Stephen Du Ponceau’s (1760–1844) decision to reedit and republish John Eliot’s (ca. 1604–1690) The Indian Grammar Begun is an important but underrecognized event. Eliot’s grammar was first published in 1666, but by the early 1800s had… read more
Modern linguistics textbooks devote little, if any, space to writing systems. Shifting our attention from naming precursors or proto-theories to reading earlier language study and linguistics as theorizing and description, the present paper explores ancient and early medieval concepts of the… read more
Recent work in the history of early medieval linguistics has challenged a number of assumptions about the representation of Latin and language usage during the period. Given the way Latin is often positioned as a standard for literacy and schooling, these revisions of early medieval linguistics… read more