Volodymyr Dekalo

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This paper deals with different types of verbal complementation of the German verb verdienen. It focuses on constructions that have been undergoing a grammaticalization process and thus express deontic modality, as in Sie verdient geliebt zu werden (ʽShe deserves to be lovedʼ) and Sie verdient zu… read more | Article
The present paper investigates which sort of information – item- or feature-based – is more sufficient to quantify relative degrees of auxiliarization. To understand this issue, the study utilizes two German near-synonymous semi-schematic modal constructions with wissen and verstehen. Sketching the… read more | Chapter
Diewald, Gabriele, Volodymyr Dekalo and Dániel Czicza. 2021. Grammaticalization of verdienen into an auxiliary marker of deontic modality: An item-driven usage-based approach. Modality and Diachronic Construction Grammar, Hilpert, Martin, Bert Cappelle and Ilse Depraetere (eds.), pp. 81–122
This paper investigates synchronic variation in the lexical and grammatical environments of the German lexical verb verdienen ‘earn’, ‘deserve’. In its lexical uses, verdienen co-occurs with an object noun phrase whose head is either concrete (e.g. Geld ‘money’) or, more commonly, abstract (e.g.… read more | Chapter