Fay Wouk

List of John Benjamins publications for which Fay Wouk plays a role.


Fox, Barbara A., Fay Wouk, Steven Fincke, Wilfredo Hernandez Flores, Makoto Hayashi, Minna Laakso, Yael Maschler, Abolghasem Mehrabi, Marja-Leena Sorjonen, Susanne Uhmann and Hyun Jung Yang. 2017. Morphological self-repair: Self-repair within the word. Studies in Language 41:3, pp. 638–659
In this study we explore patterns of same-turn self-repair within the word, across ten typologically and areally diverse languages. We find universal processes emerging through language-specific resources, namely: recycling is used to delay a next item due, while replacement is used to replace an… read more | Article
In this paper I examine the syntactic nature of intonation units in Sasak, and compare the distribution of syntactic types with previously published work on other languages, in particular Mandarin, and to a lesser extent, Japanese. Sasak and Mandarin prove to have very similar frequencies of… read more | Article
Estival and Myhill (1988) propose the passive construction as the (only) source for morphological ergativity, and hypothesize a unidirectional path of change which appears crucially to pass through a stage which they label deep ergative, but which has been called discourse ergative by a number of… read more | Article