Anne Dister

List of John Benjamins publications for which Anne Dister plays a role.



Dister, Anne, Jean-Philippe Goldman and Renaud Marlet 2019 Chapter 2. Orthographic and phonetic transcriptions of Rhapsodie recordingRhapsodie: A prosodic and syntactic treebank for spoken French, Lacheret-Dujour, Anne, Sylvain Kahane and Paola Pietrandrea (eds.), pp. 21–34 | Chapter
In this chapter, we present the principles that we used for the orthographic and phonological transcriptions in Rhapsodie, as well as the process of automatic segmentation. We opted for three main principles in the orthographic transcription: (1) no adaptation of the standard spelling using tricks… read more
Dister, Anne 2001 Levée d’ambiguïtés sur les mots lexicaux et grammaticauxAmbiguity, Laporte, Éric (dir.), pp. 105–126 | Article
Summary Ambiguity is a central problem in computational linguistics. In this paper, we propose a reflexion based on our work of morpho-syntaxic disambiguation with the intex system. intex is an environment of linguistic development which includes large coverage dictionaries constructed at LADL.… read more
It is possible for an intex user to construct his/her own grammars of disambiguation. In this paper, we shall identify the elementary principles required to construct such grammars, and the specific problems in the management of a library of graphs. In the second part of the paper, we shall… read more