Konrad Szcześniak

List of John Benjamins publications for which Konrad Szcześniak plays a role.


This study looks at the variable use of two related forms, namely the reflexive construction (The defendant talked himself into trouble) and the way construction (The actress danced her way to stardom). Despite their differences, the two constructions are often used in ways that can be described as… read more | Article
This study revisits constructionist (CxG) views concerning detailed and often unusual semantics of schematic constructions, especially those located toward the closed-class end of the lexicon-grammar continuum. The discussion is based mainly on a previously unstudied grammatical construction with… read more | Article
This study reviews the form and meaning of the Incredulity Response Construction (IRC), a closed-class form claimed by various cognitive linguists to evince fairly unusual properties justifying its special construction status. I will attempt to demonstrate that both the form and the function of the… read more | Article