Monika Doherty

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Subjects English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Translation Studies


Felicitous translations between English and German show that discourse relators like adversative connectors interact with the basic strategies of discourse linking superimposed upon the grammatical rules of word order. For initial position they compete with elements from the propositional meaning… read more
Doherty, Monika 1999 Clefts in Translations between English and German1Target 11:2, pp. 289–315 | Article
A great number of translation problems are linguistic in nature, but they can only be properly diagnosed and their solutions 'objectively ' assessed if one takes account of the context in which the problematic elements occur. The paper focuses on a prototypical case of such translation problems:… read more
Doherty, Monika 1998 Processing and Directionality in German and EnglishLanguages in Contrast 1:1, pp. 23–43 | Article
The paper discusses basic aspects of a general theory of contrastive stylistics, which is taken to result from the interaction of parameterized properties of languages with universal principles of language use. Proceeding from some basic psycholinguistic assumptions about language processing, the… read more
The paper generalizes upon some basic aspects of acceptability concerning language-specific preferences in the distribution of information in original texts and translations. It is assumed that the pragmatic principle of Optimal Relevance and major grammatical parameters jointly determine… read more
Doherty, Monika 1992 Relativity of sentence boundaryBabel 38:2, pp. 72–78 | Article
Si le traducteur qui traduit de l'anglais en allemand, respecte les délimitations de la phrase anglaise, la phrase qu'il obtiendra en allemand sera souvent ressentie comme étant trop longue ou trop courte. Ce résultat est dû aux différences que la structure de l'information présente en anglais et… read more
Doherty, Monika 1987 Text connectors — a reading aidBabel 33:4, pp. 212–217 | Article