Nivedita Mani

List of John Benjamins publications for which Nivedita Mani plays a role.


Anaphoric pronoun resolution in spoken language has been shown to be influenced by the first mention bias. While this bias has been well investigated in spoken languages, less is known about a similar bias in sign languages. In sign languages, pronominal pointing signs (index) are directed towards… read more | Article
Wienholz, Anne, Derya Nuhbalaoglu, Markus Steinbach, Annika Herrmann and Nivedita Mani. 2021. Phonological priming in German Sign Language: An eye tracking study using the Visual World Paradigm. Sign Language & Linguistics 24:1, pp. 4–35
A number of studies provide evidence for a phonological priming effect in the recognition of single signs based on phonological parameters and that the specific phonological parameters modulated in the priming effect can influence the robustness of this effect. This eye tracking study on German… read more | Article
Bobb, Susan C., Laila Y.D. Nauck, Nicole Altvater-Mackensen, Katie Von Holzen and Nivedita Mani. 2016. Chapter 2. Listening with your cohort: Do bilingual toddlers co-activate cohorts from both languages when hearing words in one language alone?. Cognitive Control and Consequences of Multilingualism, Schwieter, John W. (ed.), pp. 47–70
Bilingual children, like bilingual adults, co-activate both languages during word recognition and production. But what is the extent of this co-activation? In the present study, we asked whether or not bilingual preschool children activate a shared phonological cohort across languages when hearing… read more | Article