Piotr Twardzisz

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Subjects English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Morphology | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


The general opinion among scholars is that Eastern Europe is primarily a Cold-War term. Although the connection between Eastern Europe and the Cold War cannot be denied, it must be kept in mind that the term was well known and used much earlier. This article provides a synthetic review and… read more | Article
Word-formation rules of a generative type are insufficient to describe a mechanism which appears to be productive, on the one hand, but is also irregular in its productivity, on the other. Cognitive morphological accounts have stressed the importance of a wide range of more and less detailed… read more | Article
Twardzisz, Piotr. 2014. Review of Marks (2011): Metaphors in International Relations Theory. Cognitive Perspectives on Political Discourse, Fischer, Pascal and Christoph Schubert (eds.), pp. 364–370