Ian McLaren

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ian McLaren plays a role.


We investigated the semiosis of pictorial, schematic, and abstract symbols using current and proposed emblems for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Cross-cultural symbol-referent ratings of correspondence suggested the symbols could all be considered icons and indexes of the… read more | Article
The European and North American videotex systems are introduced and their graphic capabilities contrasted. It is suggested that the public's perception of videotex is fragmented and that the inadequacy of the graphic capability of the present European systems is a contributory factor in this.… read more | Article
Comparisons are made between the conventions employed in public transport diagrams within the greater London area. A basic difference is noted between rail and bus networks. Individual conventions are commented upon; in addition to identifying functional differences (ie stopping point, interchange,… read more | Article
Sless, David and Ian McLaren. 1980. Communications to the editor. Information Design Journal 1:4, pp. 285–288
As viewdata systems expand rapidly to meet the estimated huge market demand coming into view, the graphics quality, legibility and display standards that they offer also come under in creasingly cut teal s cru tiny. The author rep o rts on an important study earned out for the EEC Commission,… read more | Article