Marco Bril

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Linguistics in the Netherlands 2023

Edited by Sterre Leufkens and Marco Bril

[Linguistics in the Netherlands, 40] 2023. v, 317 pp.
Subjects Theoretical linguistics


Leufkens, Sterre and Marco Bril 2023 ForewordLinguistics in the Netherlands 2023, Leufkens, Sterre and Marco Bril (eds.), pp. 1–3 | Introduction
Very little is known about the accuracy of grammatical inflection in written language. In this study we investigated the effects of syntactic complexity, lexical category and phonological expression on gender marking in L1 and L2 French. Native speakers of French (n = 40) and Dutch learners of… read more
Tessel, Evi van and Marco Bril 2021 French as a foreign language in the Netherlands: An L2 or an L3? A study on crosslinguistic influences from Dutch and EnglishLinguistics in the Netherlands 2021, Dingemanse, Mark, Eva van Lier and Jorrig Vogels (eds.), pp. 114–127 | Article
Exposure to English is more extensive in today’s society than to French. In this study we investigated crosslinguistic influences from Dutch and/or English to language performances in French as a foreign language, while controlling for language proficiency in French, English and Dutch, and… read more
In this study we conducted an experiment aiming to compare the performance of language learners and digital grammar checkers at supplying gender marking in French. A set of test items exhibiting typical gender marking configurations was submitted to three grammar checkers for French (Antidote,… read more