Romain Delhem

List of John Benjamins publications for which Romain Delhem plays a role.


Delhem, Romain and Caroline Marty. 2020. Patterns of coining and constructions: The role of productivity. The Wealth and Breadth of Construction-Based Research, Colleman, Timothy, Frank Brisard, Astrid De Wit, Renata Enghels, Nikos Koutsoukos, Tanja Mortelmans and María Sol Sansiñena (eds.), pp. 30–41
We develop the notion of pattern of coining found in some complete-inheritance models of Construction Grammar (Fillmore 1997; Kay 2013), which are processes used to coin new units based on analogy with an existing one. Unlike constructions, they cannot be considered systematically productive in… read more | Article