San Duanmu

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CINITIAL has the strongest effect on F0 among the four factors in cases of both pooled and individual data. Such an effect indicates that there is a strong correlation between the initial consonant type and tone: H following aspirated and tense consonants and LH following other consonants. Vowel… read more | Article
SUMMARY A common conception of Chinese is that most of its words are monosyllabic historically but disyllabic in modern times. Since Chinese lost over 50% of its syllables in the past 1000 years, a standard explanation for the increase of disyllabic words is that they are created to avoid homonyms.… read more | Article
Duanmu, San 1999 Alignment and the Cycle are DifferentThe Derivational Residue in Phonological Optimality Theory, Hermans, Ben and Marc van Oostendorp (eds.), pp. 129 ff.