Ying Tong

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ying Tong plays a role.


This article seeks to explore the mechanisms of holding others accountable for a perceived deviation from moral order through public complaints on Chinese social media as well as the influences of emotional stance and social positioning when people perceive a breach of the moral order and try to… read more
Tong, Ying and Chaoqun Xie 2022 Complaining, teasing, and meme-framing: Socializing through Moments storytellingFormality and Informality in Online Performances, Rüdiger, Sofia and Susanne Mühleisen (eds.), pp. 66–91 | Article
This article explores the pragmatic act of complaining on WeChat Moments (henceforth Moments) focusing on the following question: When complaints are made in a social context where ratified viewers are hard to define, how are such acts constructed and construed? The multimodal data under study come… read more
Xie, Chaoqun and Ying Tong 2021 Chapter 7. Inviting a purchase: A multimodal analysis of staged authenticity in WeChat social sellingApproaches to Internet Pragmatics: Theory and practice, Xie, Chaoqun, Francisco Yus and Hartmut Haberland (eds.), pp. 207–234 | Chapter
The present study investigates the pragmatic strategies and effects of self-presentation performance in a social selling context either by way of status updates or through group chat in WeChat, a popular social networking platform in China. Drawing on Goffman’s (1959, 1974, 1981) outstanding… read more
This paper explores social bonding in language play via the construction of ‘Chinese character (annotation)’ on two major social media platforms (Sina Weibo and WeChat) in China. The Chinese characters and their bracketed annotations under study, despite their one-to-one matching in sequence, never… read more
Xie, Chaoqun and Ying Tong 2019 Constructing ‘ordinariness’: An analysis of Jack Ma’s narrative identities on Sina WeiboThe Construction of ‘Ordinariness’ across Media Genres, Fetzer, Anita and Elda Weizman (eds.), pp. 179–205 | Chapter
In this chapter, we attempt, inspired by Sacks’ (1984) discussion of “doing being ordinary”, to explore and expound the means and purposes celebrities do “being ordinary” on social media and the related notions of narrative in digital communication and narrative identity. These notions are… read more