Hiromi Hadley

List of John Benjamins publications for which Hiromi Hadley plays a role.


This chapter discusses the application of Extensive Reading (ER), an English language teaching method encouraging learners to consume large amounts of proficiency-level content, and its spread to second language classrooms globally since the 1990s. Studies show that ER significantly enhances… read more
Hadley, Gregory and Hiromi Hadley 2024 Chapter 8. Grounded TheoryLess Frequently Used Research Methodologies in Applied Linguistics, Riazi, A. Mehdi (ed.), pp. 127–148 | Chapter
This chapter explores the underutilized Grounded Theory Methodology (GTM) in applied linguistics, detailing its procedures, objectives, benefits, and limitations from a post-positivist perspective. It suggests ways for educators and scholars to apply GTM to generate insightful social interaction… read more
Hadley, Gregory and Hiromi Hadley 2021 Chapter 7. Exploring the impact of data-driven learning in extensive readingBeyond Concordance Lines: Corpora in language education, Pérez-Paredes, Pascual and Geraldine Mark (eds.), pp. 149–176 | Chapter
While much of the research into the efficacy of data-driven learning (DDL) has focused on productive skills such as writing, less attention has been on how DDL affects receptive skills, such as reading. This chapter presents a four-year mixed-methods study, which investigates the impact of DDL on… read more