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Nodes and Networks in Diachronic Construction Grammar

Edited by Lotte Sommerer and Elena Smirnova

[Constructional Approaches to Language, 27] 2020. vi, 355 pp.
Subjects Historical linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics

Diachronic Construction Grammar

Edited by Jóhanna Barðdal, Elena Smirnova, Lotte Sommerer and Spike Gildea

[Constructional Approaches to Language, 18] 2015. xi, 263 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Historical linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Smirnova, Elena and Vanessa Stöber 2022 Verbo-Nominal Constructions with kommen ‘come’ in GermanVariation and Grammaticalization of Verbal Constructions, Czicza, Dániel and Gabriele Diewald (eds.), pp. 121–149 | Article
The paper presents the results of a diachronic study of the light verb constructions containing the German verb kommen ‘come’ accompanied by a prepositional phrase containing a deverbal noun and the preposition zu ‘to’. The analysis is based on the corpus data from the DTA (DeutschesTextarchiv)… read more
Smirnova, Elena 2021 Horizontal links within and between paradigms: The constructional network of reported directives in GermanModality and Diachronic Construction Grammar, Hilpert, Martin, Bert Cappelle and Ilse Depraetere (eds.), pp. 185–217 | Chapter
This paper deals with the constructional network of reported directive speech acts in German. It addresses two aspects of modality and constructions by relating directly to questions raised in the introduction to this volume: the notion of the paradigm in Construction Grammar on the one hand and… read more
Smirnova, Elena and Lotte Sommerer 2020 Introduction: The nature of the node and the network – Open questions in Diachronic Construction GrammarNodes and Networks in Diachronic Construction Grammar, Sommerer, Lotte and Elena Smirnova (eds.), pp. 1–42 | Chapter
Smirnova, Elena, Robert Mailhammer and Susanne Flach 2019 The role of atypical constellations in the grammaticalization of German and English passivesDiachronica 36:3, pp. 384–416 | Article
In this paper we propose an alternative scenario for the grammaticalization of passive constructions in German and English. According to the received view, the development starts with the frequent combinations of copula verbs with past participles, which then increasingly gain in frequency during… read more
Smirnova, Elena 2015 Constructionalization and constructional change: The role of context in the development of constructionsDiachronic Construction Grammar, Barðdal, Jóhanna, Elena Smirnova, Lotte Sommerer and Spike Gildea (eds.), pp. 81–106 | Article
In recent constructional approaches to language change, the distinction between constructionalization and constructional changes has been made (cf. e.g. Rostila 2004; Noël 2007; Traugott & Trousdale 2013; Traugott this volume). The term constructionalization generally refers to the formation of new… read more
Mailhammer, Robert and Elena Smirnova 2013 Incipient Grammaticalisation: Sources of passive constructions in Old High German and Old EnglishComparative Studies in Early Germanic Languages: With a focus on verbal categories, Diewald, Gabriele, Leena Kahlas-Tarkka and Ilse Wischer (eds.), pp. 41–70 | Article
In this paper we deal with Old English and Old High German copula constructions combining verbs denoting ‘be’ and ‘become’ with past participles, which are traditionally analysed as periphrastic passive constructions. We propose that these constructions cannot be seen as grammaticalised passives… read more
Diewald, Gabriele and Elena Smirnova 2012 “Paradigmatic integration”: The fourth stage in an expanded grammaticalization scenarioGrammaticalization and Language Change: New reflections, Davidse, Kristin, Tine Breban, Lieselotte Brems and Tanja Mortelmans (eds.), pp. 111–134 | Article
In this paper, we propose a ‘constructionist’ scenario of grammaticalization that links successive diachronic stages of a grammaticalization process with particular construction types. Relying on earlier work, especially on the model of relevant context types in grammaticalization proposed in… read more
Smirnova, Elena 2011 The organization of the German clausal grounding systemCognitive Approaches to Tense, Aspect, and Epistemic Modality, Patard, Adeline and Frank Brisard (eds.), pp. 87–100 | Article
This chapter examines the verbal categories of German in terms of grounding predications. Using the broad notion of deixis as a starting point for the examination, it first proposes a unified description of grounding predications as a particular class of deictic expressions. Second, it suggests… read more
In Cognitive Grammar, grounding predications are by definition highly grammaticalized elements. As grammaticalization is a gradient phenomenon, this chapter argues for a more gradual view on grounding. It is proposed that a particular linguistic unit may show a weaker or a stronger degree of… read more