Jenny Ström Herold

List of John Benjamins publications for which Jenny Ström Herold plays a role.


Levin, Magnus and Jenny Ström Herold. 2021. From language to language, from time to time: Echoic binomials from an English-German-Swedish perspective. Time in Languages, Languages in Time, Čermáková, Anna, Thomas Egan, Hilde Hasselgård and Sylvi Rørvik (eds.), pp. 129–154
This study is situated within the broader field of phraseology and concerns repetitive, echoic binomials such as day by day (NPN) and on and on (‘ADV and ADV’). While the bulk of previous research has focused on their use in individual languages (Jackendoff 2008; Ziem 2008), this study takes a… read more | Chapter
The present study concerns English hyphenated premodifiers translated into German and Swedish. The material was collected from the fiction part of the English–Swedish Parallel Corpus and the Oslo Multilingual Corpus, and includes almost 700 instances of translations into both German and Swedish, as… read more | Chapter