David Aline

List of John Benjamins publications for which David Aline plays a role.


This study explores how guided tour interaction is achieved through certain question formats, specifically known-answer questions (KAQs), as they are deployed by guides for subsequently designing their talk to fit perceived visitor knowledge and for inviting visitor involvement in… read more
Hosoda, Yuri and David Aline 2018 Embodied departure from focal objects in a lingua franca campus tourDiscourse approaches to evidentiality in Spanish, Albelda Marco, Marta and María Estellés (eds.), pp. 454–484 | Article
This conversation analytic study examines the interaction coordinated between two amateur tour guides and a guided visitor for initiating departure from various objects during a campus tour managed through Japanese as a lingua franca. The data come from a 40-minute tour at a Taiwanese university… read more
Numerous studies have examined conflict talk from an ethnomethodological perspective, scrutinizing development of conflict talk sequences (e.g., Coulter 1990; Maynard 1985a). We take up this strand of research to examine an extended episode of conflict talk in a second language (L2) classroom.… read more
Hosoda, Yuri and David Aline 2010 Positions and actions of classroom-specific applausePragmatics 20:2, pp. 133–148 | Article
While the interactional conditions and timing of applause in audience response to public speeches has received attention in conversation analysis research, little research has been done on applause in educational contexts. The nature of applause, however, can vary depending on the context. This… read more
Nagata, Hirota, David Aline and Rod Ellis 1999 Modified Input, Language Aptitude and the Acquisition of Word MeaningsLearning a Second Language through Interaction, Ellis, Rod, pp. 133 ff. | Article