Derrin Pinto

List of John Benjamins publications for which Derrin Pinto plays a role.



Vigil, Donny and Derrin Pinto 2020 An experimental study of the detection of clicks in EnglishPragmatics & Cognition 27:2, pp. 457–473 | Article
This experimental study sets out to determine whether people detect click sounds in American English. Recent research has documented the use of non-phonemic clicks in a variety of languages to fulfill a range of functions such as sequence management or signaling searches and different types of… read more
Pinto, Derrin and Donny Vigil 2019 Searches and clicks in Peninsular SpanishPragmatics 29:1, pp. 83–106 | Article
The current study analyzes the use of click sounds in Peninsular Spanish with a focus on those that occur when speakers are searching for what to say and signaling a particular stance. The data corpus consists of interviews with 18 speakers from Spain who produce a total of 281 clicks. We consider… read more
Pinto, Derrin and Donny Vigil 2018 Clicks as discourse markers in Peninsular SpanishSpanish in Context 15:3, pp. 441–464 | Article
The research on clicks in Spanish has been surprisingly scarce. Using a data corpus of 764 clicks produced by 20 speakers from Spain, we approach clicks as discourse markers that execute up to five different functions. Since clicks themselves do not possess any core semantic meaning, their… read more
This cross-sectional study in interlanguage pragmatics analyzes the requests employed by English-speaking learners of L2 Spanish, using data collected from university students at four different levels of language learning. The most common request strategies are first identified in a… read more