Willem M. Mak

List of John Benjamins publications for which Willem M. Mak plays a role.


Li, Fang, Willem M. Mak, Jacqueline Evers-Vermeul and Ted J.M. Sanders 2017 On the online effects of subjectivity encoded in causal connectivesReview of Cognitive Linguistics 15:1, pp. 34–57 | Article
Causal relations between sentences differ in terms of subjectivity: they can be objective (based on facts) or subjective (based on reasoning). Subjective relations lead to longer reading times than objective relations. Causal connectives differ in the degree to which they encode this subjectivity. read more
Mak, Willem M. and Ted J.M. Sanders 2010 Incremental discourse processing: How coherence relations influence the resolution of pronounsThe Linguistics Enterprise: From knowledge of language to knowledge in linguistics, Everaert, Martin B.H., Tom Lentz, Hannah N.M. De Mulder, Øystein Nilsen and Arjen Zondervan (eds.), pp. 167–182 | Article
The importance of the discourse level for the study of language and linguistics can hardly be overestimated. The study of text and discourse has become an increasingly important area over the last decades, both in linguistics and in psychology. In this paper we report on experiments which add to… read more