John Peterson

List of John Benjamins publications for which John Peterson plays a role.


Peterson, John 2014 Chapter 4. Figuratively speaking – number in KhariaNumber – Constructions and Semantics: Case studies from Africa, Amazonia, India and Oceania, Storch, Anne and Gerrit J. Dimmendaal (eds.), pp. 77–110 | Article
The present study deals with number in Kharia, a South Munda language of eastern-central India. Kharia possesses three grammatical categories which may be loosely termed number – singular, dual and plural. While the singular is unmarked, the dual and plural are expressed by enclitic proforms. In… read more
Peterson, John 2009 "Pseudo-verbs": An analysis of non-verbal (co-)predication in MalteseIntroducing Maltese Linguistics: Selected papers from the 1st International Conference on Maltese Linguistics, Bremen, 18–20 October, 2007, Comrie, Bernard, Ray Fabri, Elizabeth Hume, Manwel Mifsud, Thomas Stolz and Martine Vanhove (eds.), pp. 181–204 | Article