Jordan M.A. Carpenter

List of John Benjamins publications for which Jordan M.A. Carpenter plays a role.


Carpenter, Jordan M.A., Melanie C. Green and Kaitlin S. Fitzgerald 2018 Mind-reading motivation: Individual differences in desire to perspective-take influence narrative processingScientific Study of Literature 8:2, pp. 211–238 | Article
Previous research suggests a link between perspective-taking and the tendency to become immersed in narratives or literature. We extend that research by considering both individual differences and persuasion outcomes. Specifically, Mind-Reading Motivation (MRM) is an individual difference in the… read more
“Transportation into a narrative world” refers to cognitive, emotional, and imagery engagement in a story (Green & Brock, 2000). Transportation has been studied as a mechanism of narrative persuasion; individuals who are transported into stories are more likely to change their attitudes and beliefs… read more