Lihong Quan

List of John Benjamins publications for which Lihong Quan plays a role.


Using the methodology of conversation analysis and a modified analytical framework, this article attempts to characterize and investigate Trump’s practices to resist the agendas of the interviewers’ questions during the press briefings held by the Trump Administration in 2020. Statistical data… read more
Quan, Lihong and Jinlong Ma 2019 A study of repeat-formatted repair initiations in Mandarin Chinese conversationConversation Analysis in Chinese: Part II, Lim, Ni-Eng (ed.), pp. 158–186 | Article
Using the methodology of Conversation Analysis (or CA), this study examines three types of other-initiated repair initiators (henceforth OIs) that repeats some element in the trouble-source (henceforth repeats) in Chinese conversation: repeats suffixed with question particles ma (吗), repeats… read more