Stephen A. Marlett

List of John Benjamins publications for which Stephen A. Marlett plays a role.


Marlett, Stephen A. 2017 A panorama of valency changing operations in SeriVerb Valency Changes: Theoretical and typological perspectives, Álvarez González, Albert and Ia Navarro (eds.), pp. 194–225 | Chapter
The Seri language displays several valency changing operations, most of which are robustly attested and used. This paper presents a panorama of these operations. Evidence from the morphology, sensitive as it is to transitivity, helps in the consideration of possible analyses. Some of the… read more
Marlett, Stephen A. 2017 Chapter 4. The effect of external factors on the perception of sounds in MeꞌphaaLanguage Contact and Change in Mesoamerica and Beyond, Dakin, Karen, Claudia Parodi and Natalie Operstein (eds.), pp. 82–104 | Chapter
The Meꞌphaa (Tlapanec) language genus, which displays some interesting internal diversification, has been in contact with other languages of southern Mexico, including those with which it is not genetically related, and with Spanish. This chapter examines various specific areas of the phonology of… read more
Marlett, Stephen A. 2012 Relative clauses in SeriRelative Clauses in Languages of the Americas: A typological overview, Comrie, Bernard and Zarina Estrada-Fernández (eds.), pp. 213–242 | Article
This article presents the basic facts about relative clauses in Seri, including their morphology (as nominalizations), syntax (head-internal), and distribution in discourse (relatively infrequent). The heads of intransitive relatives may be formally marked as definite when the content of the… read more