Dejan Matić

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Information Structure and Reference Tracking in Complex Sentences

Edited by Rik van Gijn, Jeremy Hammond, Dejan Matić, Saskia van Putten and Ana Vilacy Galucio

[Typological Studies in Language, 105] 2014. vi, 409 pp.
Subjects Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics | Typology


Matić, Dejan 2022 Alternatives to information structureWhen Data Challenges Theory: Unexpected and paradoxical evidence in information structure, Garassino, Davide and Daniel Jacob (eds.), pp. 91–112
The paper questions the assumption that information structure is a necessary component of communication. It is shown that there is no language-independent evidence that communication is based on regular alternation of presupposed and focused information, and that sentences necessarily convey… read more | Chapter
The paper provides arguments against the denotational approach to polarity focus (also known as Verum), which treats it as a distinct denotation contributed by the dedicated grammatical structures. It shows that the purported category of polarity focus is routinely defined on the basis of faulty… read more | Chapter
Matić, Dejan 2016 Ėven converbs and the syntax of switch-referenceSwitch Reference 2.0, Gijn, Rik van and Jeremy Hammond (eds.), pp. 335–376
This paper provides a description of the switch-reference system based on converbs in the North Tungusic language Ėven. It is argued that Ėven converbal clauses are adjunct clauses and that their properties are derived from the ways in which adjunct subordinate clauses are structured and… read more | Article
Matić, Dejan 2014 Questions and syntactic islands in Tundra YukaghirInformation Structure and Reference Tracking in Complex Sentences, Gijn, Rik van, Jeremy Hammond, Dejan Matić, Saskia van Putten and Ana Vilacy Galucio (eds.), pp. 127–162
No island effects are observable in Tundra Yukaghir questions, which are possible in virtually all syntactic environments. It is argued that this feature of Tundra Yukaghir relates to its capability of explicitly marking focus domains. If a question word occurs in a syntactic island, the whole… read more | Article
Matić, Dejan, Rik van Gijn and Robert D. Van Valin Jr. 2014 Information structure and reference tracking in complex sentences: An overviewInformation Structure and Reference Tracking in Complex Sentences, Gijn, Rik van, Jeremy Hammond, Dejan Matić, Saskia van Putten and Ana Vilacy Galucio (eds.), pp. 1–42
This volume is dedicated to exploring the crossroads where complex sentences and information management – more specifically information structure (IS) and reference tracking (RT) – come together. Complex sentences are a highly relevant but understudied domain for studying notions of IS and RT. On… read more | Article
Matić, Dejan and Brigitte Pakendorf 2013 Non-canonical SAY in Siberia: Areal and genealogical patternsStudies in Language 37:2, pp. 356–412
The use of generic verbs of speech in functions not related to their primary meaning, such as to introduce complements or adjuncts, is cross-linguistically widespread; it is also characteristic of some languages of Siberia. However, the distribution of non-canonical functions of generic verbs of… read more | Article
It is commonly assumed that word order in free word order languages is determined by a simple topic – focus dichotomy. Analysis of data from Ancient Greek, a language with an extreme word order flexibility, reveals that matters are more complex: the parameters of discourse structure and semantics… read more | Article