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Toward Comparative Translation and Interpreting Studies

Edited by Sergey Tyulenev and Binghan Zheng

Special issue of Translation and Interpreting Studies 12:2 (2017) v, 170 pp.
Subjects Interpreting | Translation Studies


Previous investigations into fansub groups have focused on their internal coherence as communities of practice and external links to technological affordances, but research on how fansubbers interact with their social and material surroundings is limited. This article reports on a netnographic… read more | Article
Weng, Yu, Binghan Zheng and Yanping Dong. 2022. Time pressure in translation: Psychological and physiological measures. Target 34:4, pp. 601–626
Translators may experience significant psychological and physiological responses to time pressure. This study examines such responses with the aim of identifying valid indicators of time pressure in written translation. Forty-five postgraduates participated in the study, translating three… read more | Article
This paper explores the impact of text complexity on translators’ subjective perception of translation difficulty and on their cognitive load. Twenty-six MA translation students from a UK university were asked to translate three English texts with different complexity into Chinese. Their eye… read more | Article
Vandepitte, Sonia, Lieve Jooken, Robert M. Maier and Binghan Zheng. 2018. Chapter 6.1. Linguistics. A History of Modern Translation Knowledge: Sources, concepts, effects, D’hulst, Lieven and Yves Gambier (eds.), pp. 357–366
The present research triangulates questionnaire, retrospective interview and eyetracking data, aiming to investigate how Explanatory Captions (ECs) are received by different viewers with varied educational backgrounds, and whether or not the presence of ECs improves their understanding of the AV… read more | Article
Recent research on liaison interpreting shows that the interpreters’ role in communicative events includes language facilitator and intercultural mediator. Being empowered with more coordinating functions rather than regarded as invisible conduits, however, how do interpreters with different… read more | Article
Tyulenev, Sergey and Binghan Zheng. 2017. Introduction: Toward Comparative Translation and Interpreting Studies. Toward Comparative Translation and Interpreting Studies, Tyulenev, Sergey and Binghan Zheng (eds.), pp. 197–212
Tyulenev, Sergey, Binghan Zheng and Penelope Johnson. 2017. A comparative study of translation or interpreting as a profession in Russia, China and Spain. Toward Comparative Translation and Interpreting Studies, Tyulenev, Sergey and Binghan Zheng (eds.), pp. 332–354
In this article, three different cultural and socio-political systems, those of China, Spain, and Russia, are compared in terms of how translation and interpreting are viewed. The principal aim is to propose a tentative model for conducting a synchronic comparative translation and interpreting… read more | Article
Zheng, Binghan and Xia Xiang. 2014. The impact of cultural background knowledge in the processing of metaphorical expressions: An empirical study of English-Chinese sight translation. The Development of Professional Competence, Ehrensberger-Dow, Maureen, Birgitta Englund Dimitrova and Séverine Hubscher-Davidson (eds.), pp. 5–24
This study aims to explore the role and possible impact of cultural background knowledge (CBK) on performance in sight translation, specifically the translation of metaphorical expressions (MEs). A between-subjects experiment was designed for 68 interpreting students who were assigned to a control… read more | Article
This empirical–experimental study focuses on the processing of metaphorical expressions in sight translation (STR), a particular branch of interpreting. In order to test whether linguistic metaphors pose cognitive challenges for sight translators, we designed a within-subject experiment with 30… read more | Article