Kiki Y. Renardel de Lavalette

List of John Benjamins publications for which Kiki Y. Renardel de Lavalette plays a role.


Renardel de Lavalette, Kiki Y., Corina Andone and Gerard J. Steen. 2019. Figurative analogies and how they are resisted in British Public Bill Committee debates. Metaphor and the Social World 9:1, pp. 107–130
This paper studies metaphor use in British Public Bill Committee debates. It focuses on the way in which legislators frame their arguments in metaphorical terms under the form of figurative analogies. Because these figurative analogies can be misleading by oversimplifying the issue under… read more | Article
This paper examines how politicians employ metaphors to express starting points in British parliamentary debates. Because these metaphors are conceptual tools that may have presuppositions and entailments that are not in line with the ideas and values of all discussion parties, political opponents… read more | Article