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Narrative in ‘societies of intimates’

Edited by Lesley Stirling, Jennifer Green, Tania Strahan and Susan Douglas

Special issue of Narrative Inquiry 26:2 (2016) v, 308 pp.
Subjects Narrative Studies


Green, Jennifer 2019 Embodying kin-based respect in speech, sign, and gestureAnthropology of Gesture, Brookes, Heather and Olivier Le Guen (eds.), pp. 370–395
In Australian Indigenous societies the means for demonstrating kinship-based respect are rich and varied, and mastery of their ideological and contextual dimensions is highly valued and an indication of communicative expertise. Special speech registers, sometimes referred to as ‘mother-in-law’,… read more | Article
Green, Jennifer, Anastasia Bauer, Alice Gaby and Elizabeth Marrkilyi Ellis 2018 Pointing to the body: Kin signs in Australian Indigenous sign languagesGesture 17:1, pp. 1–36
Kinship plays a central role in organizing interaction and other social behaviors in Indigenous Australia. The spoken lexicon of kinship has been the target of extensive consideration by anthropologists and linguists alike. Less well explored, however, are the kin categories expressed through sign… read more | Article
Green, Jennifer 2016 Multimodal complexity in sand story narrativesNarrative in ‘societies of intimates’, Stirling, Lesley, Jennifer Green, Tania Strahan and Susan Douglas (eds.), pp. 312–339
In sand stories, an Indigenous narrative practice from Central Australia, semi-conventionalized graphic symbols drawn on the ground are interwoven with speech, sign and gesture. This article examines some aspects of the complexity seen in this dynamic graphic tradition, illustrating the ways that… read more | Article
Stirling, Lesley and Jennifer Green 2016 Narrative in ‘societies of intimates’: Common ground and what makes a storyNarrative in ‘societies of intimates’, Stirling, Lesley, Jennifer Green, Tania Strahan and Susan Douglas (eds.), pp. 173–192
When the Australian writer Richard Flanagan accepted the 2014 Man Booker Prize for fiction, he said that “As a species it is story that distinguishes us”. While the prize was given for a literary work written in English, Australia and the surrounding regions are replete with a rich diversity of… read more | Article
Green, Jennifer 2014 Signs and space in Arandic sand narrativesFrom Gesture in Conversation to Visible Action as Utterance: Essays in honor of Adam Kendon, Seyfeddinipur, Mandana and Marianne Gullberg (eds.), pp. 219–243
In everyday interactions multiple semiotic resources work together to form loosely coordinated partnerships or “ensembles” (Kendon 2004a, 2008). People sketch on shared spaces, gesture and diagram objects in the air, and point to real and fictive locations. In some communities sign languages are… read more | Article