Michael Ramsammy

List of John Benjamins publications for which Michael Ramsammy plays a role.


Schleef, Erik, Nicholas Flynn and Michael Ramsammy 2015 Production and perception of (ing) in Manchester EnglishLanguage Variation - European Perspectives V: Selected papers from the Seventh International Conference on Language Variation in Europe (ICLaVE 7), Trondheim, June 2013, Torgersen, Eivind, Stian Hårstad, Brit Mæhlum and Unn Røyneland (eds.), pp. 197–210
Unlike most varieties of English, in which (ing) has only two major realisations, [ɪŋ] and [ɪn], in Manchester a third variant for (ing) occurs, [ɪŋɡ]. Our research firstly confirms that [ɪŋɡ] exists in Manchester as a variant of (ing) for young adult speakers and that it is more common in more… read more | Article
Previous accounts of nasal place neutralization in Spanish have claimed that word-medial nasal codas acquire place features by categorical assimilation, whereas word-final nasals are specified for place by epenthesis of a dialect-particular default value. This paper reports on the results of… read more | Article