Madalena Colaço

List of John Benjamins publications for which Madalena Colaço plays a role.


Colaço, Madalena and Gabriela Matos 2016 Explicative clauses in Portuguese as a case of parenthesesRomance Languages and Linguistic Theory 10: Selected papers from 'Going Romance' 28, Lisbon, Carrilho, Ernestina, Alexandra Fiéis, Maria Lobo and Sandra Pereira (eds.), pp. 43–60 | Article
A subset of causal explicative clauses in European Portuguese (EP) introduced by the connectors pois ‘for’, que ‘that’ and porque ‘because’ has been classified either as coordinate or subordinate clauses, or alternatively as autonomous discursive expressions. Extending previous work, we claim that,… read more
Matos, Gabriela and Madalena Colaço 2011 Floating parenthetical coordinate clausesRomance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2009: Selected papers from 'Going Romance' Nice 2009, Berns, Janine, Haike Jacobs and Tobias Scheer (eds.), pp. 203–222 | Article
Floating parenthetical coordinate clauses exhibit a challenging behaviour: they disrupt the structure of the host sentence, do not present an overt first term, occur in different positions inside the host clause and, although notionally related to their host, they present syntactic autonomy. Taking… read more