Theresa Heyd

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Subjects Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics


Heyd, Theresa 2023 Complicating the field: World Englishes and digital ethnographyNew Englishes, New Methods, Wilson, Guyanne and Michael Westphal (eds.), pp. 243–262 | Chapter
In this contribution, I explore the growing role of digital communication for the study of World Englishes and specifically the potential of digital ethnography as a methodological framework. I outline basic principles and traditions of digital ethnography and point out continuities between the… read more
Heyd, Theresa and Marius Eckert 2020 Chapter 6. Craft beer and linguistic lifestyle emblematizationTalking about Food: The social and the global in eating communities, Rüdiger, Sofia and Susanne Mühleisen (eds.), pp. 99–122 | Chapter
Craft beer is currently a highly popular form of conspicuous consumption in many Western societies, including Germany. As such, the craft beer movement is a prime example of ‘lifestyle emblematization’: to partake in it is to be involved in the performance of exclusive and informed identities, a… read more
Heyd, Theresa 2014 Dude, Alter!: A tale of two vocativesPragmatics and Society 5:2, pp. 271–295 | Article
This paper takes a cross-linguistic look at two notorious examples of contemporary slang: American English dude and German Alter. Both have received considerable attention in the media and some initial sociolinguistic inquiry. It is shown here that both items share a number of properties, some… read more
While genre theory has become one of the central paradigms for CMC studies, these approaches face a dilemma: while they are often firmly rooted in the functionalist framework of ‘Swalesian’ genre theory, they strive to describe digital genres as new, emergent or at least hybrid – positions that are… read more