Larissa Timofeeva-Timofeev

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Humour in Spanish Context

Edited by Larissa Timofeeva-Timofeev

Special issue of Spanish in Context 18:1 (2021) v, 159 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Romance linguistics


Timofeeva-Timofeev, Larissa 2023 Fictional interaction in children’s humorous narrativesThe Pragmatics of Humour in Interactive Contexts, Linares Bernabéu, Esther (ed.), pp. 217–238 | Chapter
This paper analyses the construction of fictional interaction in humorous narratives written by children of 8, 10 and 12 years of age, as compiled in the CHILDHUM corpus. These informants were asked to write a humorous story about an imaginary school exchange program with Mars. The analysis will… read more
Timofeeva-Timofeev, Larissa 2021 El humor en contexto españolHumour in Spanish Context, Timofeeva-Timofeev, Larissa (ed.), pp. 1–7 | Introduction
Timofeeva-Timofeev, Larissa y Leonor Ruiz-Gurillo 2021 Marcas e indicadores humorísticos en las narraciones escritas de niños y niñas de 8, 10 y 12 años en español: Propuesta tipológicaHumour in Spanish Context, Timofeeva-Timofeev, Larissa (ed.), pp. 83–112 | Article
Este trabajo presenta una propuesta tipológica de marcas e indicadores humorísticos (Ruiz-Gurillo 2012, 78–86) que actúan como soportes empíricos en la investigación en torno al humor verbal infantil. Nuestra clasificación se fundamenta en el análisis de 448 narraciones humorísticas, escritas por… read more
Timofeeva-Timofeev, Larissa 2016 Children using phraseology for humorous purposes: The case of 9-to-10-year-oldsMetapragmatics of Humor: Current research trends, Ruiz-Gurillo, Leonor (ed.), pp. 273–298 | Article
This paper analyzes the use of phraseological procedures for humorous purposes in 9-to-10-year-olds’ written production with regard to their metapragmatic development. 148 humorous stories written by 4th grade Primary School children from 5 schools located in the province of Alicante (Spain) were… read more
Timofeeva-Timofeev, Larissa and Chelo Vargas-Sierra 2015 On terminological figurativeness: From theory to practiceTerminology 21:1, pp. 102–125 | Article
Terminologists’ interest in studying the role of metaphor and metaphorical terms in specialized communication has proliferated since the first papers addressing this issue appeared in the 1990s. However, we believe that some facets of terminological meaning still remain overlooked or merit further… read more