Mohammed K. El-Yasin

List of John Benjamins publications for which Mohammed K. El-Yasin plays a role.


El-Yasin, Mohammed K. and Abdulla K. Al-Shehabat 2005 Translating ProverbsBabel 51:2, pp. 161–173
The present paper starts by defining proverbs and discussing their form and meaning. The fixed or fossilized form of proverbs gives them one of their defining characteristics; their meaning is the standard interpretation their speech community assigns to them, which may or may not coincide with… read more | Article
ABSTRACT This paper starts by discussing the importance of word order in translation. As an example, the passive-active relation is given to illustrate the importance of word order. It is shown that the word order in this case is an integral part of the meaning in the wider sense of meaning. This… read more | Article
El-Yasin, Mohammed K. and Mahmud Husein Salih 1995 The Translatability of Arabic Greetings into EnglishBabel 41:3, pp. 140–148
Dans le présent article, l'auteur se demande dans quelle mesure les formules de politesse utilisées en arabe officiel (Standard Arabic, SA) sont traduisibles en anglais. Ces formules de politesse relèvent de la fonction phatique et ont un caractère culturel. Selon Newmark (1988:43), elles doivent… read more | Article