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Subjects Cognitive psychology | Consciousness research | Philosophy
Subjects Cognitive psychology | Consciousness research | Philosophy
Subjects Cognitive psychology | Consciousness research

Affective Qualia and The Subjective Dimension

Edited by Ralph D. Ellis and Natika Newton

Special issue of Consciousness & Emotion 2:1 (2001) vi, 188 pp.
Subjects Consciousness research
Subjects Cognition and language | Cognitive psychology | Consciousness research | Philosophy
Subjects Cognitive psychology | Consciousness research | Philosophy


Ellis, Ralph D. and Natika Newton. 2012. Could moving ourselves be the link between emotion and consciousness?. Moving Ourselves, Moving Others: Motion and emotion in intersubjectivity, consciousness and language, Foolen, Ad, Ulrike M. Lüdtke, Timothy P. Racine and Jordan Zlatev (eds.), pp. 57–80
The idea that emotion is an indispensable ingredient of consciousness in all modalities is not new. Panksepp and Damasio, for example, show that we can gradually eliminate cortical areas without eliminating “core consciousness,” whereas knocking out emotional areas renders all types of… read more | Article
Ellis, Ralph D. 2009. Emotional authenticity as a central basis of moral psychology. Emotions, Ethics, and Authenticity, Salmela, Mikko and Verena Mayer (eds.), pp. 179–194
If emotional inauthenticity in the form of confabulation with regard to moral issues is not a universal human condition, or at least is not always present in the same degree, then the dynamics of moral confabulation, as illustrated by the phenomenon of authoritarianism, should be able to teach us… read more | Article
Ellis, Ralph D. 2008. The phenomenology of alexithymia as a clue to the intentionality of emotion. Fact and Value in Emotion, Charland, Louis C. and Peter Zachar (eds.), pp. 181–192
Ellis, Ralph D. and Natika Newton. 2005. Introduction. Consciousness & Emotion: Agency, conscious choice, and selective perception, Ellis, Ralph D. and Natika Newton (eds.), pp. ix–xii
Schmahmann, Jeremy D., Carl M. Anderson, Natika Newton and Ralph D. Ellis. 2001. The function of the cerebellum in cognition, affect and consciousness: Empirical support for the embodied mind. Consciousness & Emotion 2:2, pp. 273–309
Editors’ note:þThese four interrelated discussions of the role of the cerebellum in coordinating emotional and higher cognitive functions developed out of a workshop presented by the four authors for the 2000 Conference of the Cognitive Science Society at the University of Pennsylvania. The four… read more | Article
Since Jackendoff has shown that language facilitates abstract and complex thought by making possible subtle manipulations of the focus of attention, and since the kind of attention relevant here is attention to aspects of intentional objects in conscious awareness, it follows that the abstract and… read more | Discussion
Tmagists' hold that inferential thinking is built up from combinations of sensory and sensorimotor images in various patterns and modalities, and that the images are a more basic mental and neurophysiological operation than the logical thinking and conceptualization that are built up front them.… read more | Article