Yoshio Endo

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Subjects Generative linguistics | Japanese linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Endo, Yoshio 2023 Chapter 9. Three ReasonPs: A view from free adjunctsMicro- and Macro-variation of Causal Clauses: Synchronic and Diachronic Insights, Jędrzejowski, Łukasz and Constanze Fleczoreck (eds.), pp. 250–266
In this chapter, I will discuss three types of reason expressions in the framework of the cartography of syntactic structures. After reviewing the previous analyses of two ReasonPs that house reason expressions, it will be shown that there is still another ReasonP that houses reason expressions… read more | Chapter
In this paper, I will discuss a novel phenomenon which has not previously been discussed in the literature on how come questions – namely the fact that they can exhibit subject drop in diary-style English. I will first introduce Haegeman’s (1990) analysis of diary English with special attention… read more | Chapter
This paper discusses the nature of sentence final particles (SFPs) in Japanese from the perspective of the Theory of Mind (ToM). After presenting some properties of SFPs in Japanese by making reference to familiar languages like German, I will discuss a syntactic mechanism of creating non-standard… read more | Chapter
Endo, Yoshio 2018 Variation in wh-expressions asking for a reasonVariation in C: Comparative approaches to the Complementizer Phrase, Garzonio, Jacopo and Silvia Rossi (eds.), pp. 299–314
In this paper, I will discuss some types of variation in wh-expressions asking for reasons such as why, what…for and how come with special attention to their base-generated positions in the framework of the cartography of syntactic structures. I will first discuss why and what…for to illustrate… read more | Article
Endo, Yoshio 2012 The syntax-discourse interface in adverbial clausesMain Clause Phenomena: New Horizons, Aelbrecht, Lobke, Liliane Haegeman and Rachel Nye (eds.), pp. 365–384
This paper discusses the typology of adverbial clauses with special attention to the gradient properties of the so-called main clause phenomena and information structure. I will give an analysis of a new paradigm of adverbial clauses discovered by traditional descriptive Japanese grammarians, and… read more | Article