Ludovic De Cuypere

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Current trends in analyzing syntactic variation

Edited by Ludovic De Cuypere, Clara Vanderschueren and Gert de Sutter

[Belgian Journal of Linguistics, 31] 2017. vi, 325 pp.
Subjects Theoretical linguistics
Subjects History of linguistics | Philosophy | Semantics | Semiotics | Theoretical linguistics

Naturalness and Iconicity in Language

Edited by Klaas Willems and Ludovic De Cuypere

[Iconicity in Language and Literature, 7] 2008. ix, 249 pp.
Subjects Historical linguistics | Philosophy | Semantics | Semiotics | Theoretical linguistics


Belligh, Thomas, Ludovic De Cuypere and Claudia Crocco 2023 Alternating Italian thetic and sentence-focus constructions: A case studyRevue Romane 58:2, pp. 246–277 | Article
In this article we study the alternation between the two most prominent Italian thetic and sentence-focus constructions, viz. the Syntactic Inversion Construction (henceforth: SIC), e.g. Arriva il treno (‘The train is arriving’), and the Presentational Cleft (henceforth: PC), e.g. C’è il treno… read more
De Cuypere, Ludovic and Gert de Sutter 2017 Introduction: Current trends in analyzing syntactic variationCurrent trends in analyzing syntactic variation, De Cuypere, Ludovic, Clara Vanderschueren and Gert de Sutter (eds.), pp. 1–7 | Introduction
We investigate Differential Subject Marking in Nepali imperfective constructions. No previous accounts were satisfying in explaining under what conditions the ergative marker is preferably used. Building on a probabilistic approach to syntactic variability, we conducted statistical analyses on the… read more
This article presents a corpus study of the variable placement of adverbial satellites in spoken Dutch. It is widely contended that the relative order of satellites is motivated by three general principles: information status, length and the proximity principle. The proximity principle maintains… read more
De Cuypere, Ludovic and Klaas Willems 2008 Introduction: Naturalness and iconicity in languageNaturalness and Iconicity in Language, Willems, Klaas and Ludovic De Cuypere (eds.), pp. 1–23 | Miscellaneous
De Cuypere, Ludovic, Johan van der Auwera and Klaas Willems 2007 Double negation and iconicityInsistent Images, Tabakowska, Elżbieta, Christina Ljungberg and Olga Fischer (eds.), pp. 301–320 | Article
Typological research suggests that double negation - the use of two negative markers to denote one negative meaning - is a popular strategy amongst a wide variety of languages. This paper focuses on two types of double negation. The first type, exemplified by Fr. Je ne chante pas ‘I don’t sing’,… read more
Auwera, Johan van der, Ludovic De Cuypere and Annemie Neuckermans 2006 Negative indefinites: A typological and diachronic perspective on a Brabantic constructionTypes of Variation: Diachronic, dialectal and typological interfaces, Nevalainen, Terttu, Juhani Klemola and Mikko Laitinen (eds.), pp. 305–319 | Article