Josephine Guy

List of John Benjamins publications for which Josephine Guy plays a role.


Parente, Fabio, Kathy Conklin, Josephine Guy, Gareth Carrol and Rebekah Scott. 2019. Reader expertise and the literary significance of small-scale textual features in prose fiction. Scientific Study of Literature 9:1, pp. 3–33
We use eye tracking to investigate the attention readers pay to different textual features to determine their significance in the appreciation of prose fiction. Previous research examined attention allocation to lexical and punctuation variants, and the impact on reading dynamics for the remainder… read more | Article
Carrol, Gareth, Kathy Conklin, Josephine Guy and Rebekah Scott. 2015. Processing punctuation and word changes in different editions of prose fiction. Scientific Study of Literature 5:2, pp. 200–228
The digital era has brought with it a shift in the field of literary editing in terms of the amount and kind of textual variation that can reasonably be annotated by editors. However, questions remain about how far readers engage with textual variants, especially minor ones such as small-scale… read more | Article