Shanti Ulfsbjorninn

List of John Benjamins publications for which Shanti Ulfsbjorninn plays a role.


Ulfsbjorninn, Shanti 2017 Chapter 7. Markedness and formalising phonological representationsBeyond Markedness in Formal Phonology, Samuels, Bridget D. (ed.), pp. 153–190 | Chapter
As a linguistic concept, markedness is in trouble (Hale & Reiss 2000, 2008; Blevins 2004; Haspelmath 2006; Samuels 2011; Reiss 2017). Accepting many of these criticisms and conclusions, this chapter, nevertheless, claims that there is space for markedness in formal phonology. By examining syllable… read more
Ulfsbjorninn, Shanti 2017 Bogus clusters and lenition in Tuscan Italian: Implications for the theory of sonoritySonic Signatures: Studies dedicated to John Harris, Lindsey, Geoff and Andrew Nevins (eds.), pp. 277–296 | Chapter
It is widely believed that syllabification is determined by a sonority-driven algorithm like the Sonority Sequencing Principle (Selkirk 1984; Clements 1990, Vaux and Wolfe 2009). In this study, I evaluate this claim in light of Tuscan Italian. Using three phonological diagnostics, it will be… read more