R. Malatesha Joshi

List of John Benjamins publications for which R. Malatesha Joshi plays a role.


Proficient writing in English is a challenge for the linguistically diverse community college population. Writing research at the community college level is warranted in order to guide instruction and assist students in achieving higher levels of proficient writing. The current study examined the… read more | Article
This closing chapter briefly summarizes research findings on the processes of word reading in three East-Asian orthographies (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) and calls for theoretical and practical attention related to word reading among speakers of these unique languages. Based on the analyses of… read more | Chapter
Tibi, Sana, R. Malatesha Joshi and Lorraine McLeod. 2013. Emergent writing of young children in the United Arab Emirates. Written Language & Literacy 16:1, pp. 77–105
We report results of writing samples of six Emirati children aged four to four and a half years collected at monthly intervals over an eight month period (the kindergarten academic year). Three teachers and six parents were interviewed to triangulate the data that were collected in the classrooms.… read more | Article