Tsunekazu Moriguchi

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Prosody and Syntax: Cross-linguistic perspectives

Edited by Yuji Kawaguchi, Ivan Fónagy and Tsunekazu Moriguchi

[Usage-Based Linguistic Informatics, 3] 2006. v, 383 pp.
Subjects Phonology | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Moriguchi, Tsunekazu. 2006. Acoustic and Structural Analysis of Enclitic Particles in Tagalog. Prosody and Syntax: Cross-linguistic perspectives, Kawaguchi, Yuji, Ivan Fónagy and Tsunekazu Moriguchi (eds.), pp. 327 ff.
Moriguchi, Tsunekazu. 2005. A Typology of Languages Based on Valence/Voice-marking and Focus. Corpus-Based Approaches to Sentence Structures, Takagaki, Toshihiro, Susumu Zaima, Yoichiro Tsuruga, Francisco Moreno-Fernández and Yuji Kawaguchi (eds.), pp. 95–125