Dechao Li

List of John Benjamins publications for which Dechao Li plays a role.


By examining and comparing the linguistic patterns in a self-built corpus of Chinese-English translations produced by WeChat Translate, the latest online machine translation app from the most popular social media platform (WeChat) in China, this study explores such questions as whether or not and… read more | Article
This article explores genre variation and simplification in interpreted language from both comparable (interpreted vs. non-interpreted/non-mediated) and intermodal (interpreted vs. translated) perspectives. It draws on a newly built unidirectional comparable and intermodal corpus named the… read more | Article
Word-order asymmetry between source language and target language has been recognized as a major obstacle in interpreting. Regarding whether the original word order is changed in target production, two strategies for asymmetrical structures are identified: chunking and reordering. This study… read more | Article
This paper explores the impact of word order asymmetry between source language and target language on cognitive load during Chinese–English sight translation. Twenty-five MA students of translation from a Hong Kong university were asked to sight translate sentences with different degrees of… read more | Article