Olga Krasnoukhova

Olga Krasnoukhova

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Postverbal negation

Special issue of Studies in Language 45:3 (2021) v, 208 pp.
Subjects Functional linguistics | Theoretical linguistics | Typology


Krasnoukhova, Olga, Johan van der Auwera and Mily Crevels. 2021. Postverbal negation: Typology, diachrony, areality. Postverbal negation, pp. 499–519
The paper sketches the state of affairs of our understanding of postverbal negation. It departs from the typological finding that there is a cross-linguistic preference for a negator to precede the verb. Nevertheless, a sizable proportion of the world’s languages adhere to a pattern with a negator… read more | Introduction
Krasnoukhova, Olga and Johan van der Auwera. 2019. Negation in Kulina: A double polarity swap. Journal of Historical Linguistics 9:2, pp. 208–238
This study reconstructs the development of a negative existential and a negative pro-sentence in the Arawan language Kulina (Brazil-Peru). We demonstrate that the two elements forming the negative existential construction nowe (hi)ra- are involved in a double polarity swap: (i) an originally… read more | Article
Krasnoukhova, Olga. 2011. Attributive possession in the languages of South America. Linguistics in the Netherlands 2011, Nouwen, Rick and Marion Elenbaas (eds.), pp. 86–98