Manuela Motta

List of John Benjamins publications for which Manuela Motta plays a role.


Rodriguez Melchor, Maria Dolores, Manuela Motta, Elena Aguirre Fernández Bravo, Olga Egorova, Kate Ferguson and Tamara Mikolič Južnič 2020 Expertise and resources for interpreter training online: A student survey on pedagogical and technical dimensions of virtual learning environmentsBabel 66:6, pp. 950–972 | Article
The development of online interactive resources for interpreter training has been at the centre of the agenda in terms of pedagogical assistance and cooperation both for the European Institutions and for their partner universities. Modern videoconferencing systems and online learning technologies… read more
Setton, Robin and Manuela Motta 2007 Syntacrobatics: Quality and reformulation in simultaneous-with-textInterpreting 9:2, pp. 199–230 | Article
This study aimed, first, to test the widely held belief that meaning-based processing (‘deverbalisation’) results in better-quality simultaneous interpretation (SI), by the indirect method of correlating users’ quality judgments with linguistic reformulation and elaboration, and additionally, with… read more