Cristina Alvares

List of John Benjamins publications for which Cristina Alvares plays a role.


This paper aims at describing the specific contribution of Franco Belgian bande dessinée (BD) to the modern redefinition of the heroic imaginary by reshaping adventure and its subject, the hero. It focuses on the articulation of two major features of the new paradigm Hergé has created: the… read more
This paper aims at reading Hergé’s major work in the light of Sloterdijk’ s theory of spheres and Agamben’ s reflexions on adventure in order to examine the place and function of the island in the adventures of Tintin, a hero without insulation. Much attention is given to the boundery topology of… read more
The paper focus on the ‘scénario-type’ of Amélie Nothomb’s novels, which consists in a dialectic confrontation between the Protagonist and the Neighbor. This confrontation dramatizes what Slavoj Zizek calls overproximity which is the effect and the sign of the inconsistency of the symbolic order… read more