Rudi Palmieri

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Subjects Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics


Corporate strategic communication has to be designed by considering multiple audiences of stakeholders. In this paper, we study the connection between the audience structure of corporate messages and the structure of the practical argumentation advanced to persuasively justify a business proposal.… read more | Article
Palmieri, Rudi and Johanna Miecznikowski. 2016. Predictions in economic-financial news: Author’s stance and argumentative loci. Argumentation in Journalism: Professional practices and the public sphere, Andone, Corina and Andrea Rocci (eds.), pp. 48–73
Compared to other domains of media discourse, economic-financial news contain a considerable amount of speech acts regarding future events, in particular predictions. This can be explained by their specific institutional context, financial markets, where investors constantly seek to single out gain… read more | Article
In order to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws, financial intermediaries are being engaged with unprecedented communicative activities, mainly oriented at detecting suspicious activities which must be reported to the Financial Intelligence Unit. The polysemous notion of ‘suspicion’ is… read more | Article
This paper investigates how the argumentative situation affects arguers’ strategic maneuvering in a financial context, devoting particular attention to the situational characteristics at the confrontational level. To this purpose, this study considers takeover bids, a class of financial activities… read more | Article