Jill Jegerski

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Research in Second Language Processing and Parsing

Edited by Bill VanPatten and Jill Jegerski

Subjects Language acquisition | Psycholinguistics | Theoretical linguistics


Jegerski, Jill 2021 Chapter 2. The processing of case in intermediate L2 SpanishResearch on Second Language Processing and Processing Instruction: Studies in honor of Bill VanPatten, Leeser, Michael J., Gregory D. Keating and Wynne Wong (eds.), pp. 27–52 | Chapter
This self-paced reading study investigated the processing of case marking with the particle a in non-native Spanish. Experiment 1 tested online sensitivity to case marking on direct and indirect objects. Unlike native speakers, intermediate L2 learners showed effects only with indirect objects.… read more
Jegerski, Jill, Bill VanPatten and Gregory D. Keating 2016 Relative clause attachment preferences in early and late Spanish-English bilingualsAdvances in Spanish as a Heritage Language, Pascual y Cabo, Diego (ed.), pp. 81–98 | Article
Previous research on the interpretation of ambiguous relative clauses among bilinguals has suggested that a single attachment strategy is employed with both languages and that this preference is determined by language exposure (Dussias & Sagarra, 2007). However, most prior studies had targeted late… read more
VanPatten, Bill and Jill Jegerski 2010 Second language processing and parsing: The issuesResearch in Second Language Processing and Parsing, VanPatten, Bill and Jill Jegerski (eds.), pp. 3–24 | Article