Franco Fabbro

List of John Benjamins publications for which Franco Fabbro plays a role.


Tavano, Alessandro, Franco Fabbro and Renato Borgatti 2007 9. Speaking without the cerebellum: Language skills in a young adult with near total cerebellar agenesisMental States: Volume 1: Evolution, function, nature, Schalley, Andrea C. and Drew Khlentzos (eds.), pp. 171–189 | Article
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Darò, Valeria, Sylvie Lambert and Franco Fabbro 1996 Conscious monitoring of attention during simultaneous interpretationInterpreting 1:1, pp. 101–124 | Article
This study addresses for the first time on an experimental level the question of whether different modalities of conscious monitoring of attention (normal condition, attention focalization on the input, attention focalization on the output, condition with two voices) may affect the number and the… read more
Fabbro, Franco and Laura Gran 1994 Neurological and neuropsychological aspects of polyglossia and simultaneous interpretationBridging the Gap: Empirical research in simultaneous interpretation, Lambert, Sylvie and Barbara Moser-Mercer (eds.), pp. 273 ff. | Article