Lilián Guerrero

List of John Benjamins publications for which Lilián Guerrero plays a role.


Guerrero, Lilián 2019 Adverbial subordinators in YaquiDiverse Scenarios of Syntactic Complexity, Álvarez González, Albert, Zarina Estrada-Fernández and Claudine Chamoreau (eds.), pp. 109–136 | Chapter
In this paper, I examine the form and function of Yaqui adverbial subordinators. In contrast to relative and complement subordinators, which are always final and bound in Yaqui, adverbial subordinators can occur in both positions, clause-final and clause-initial; the former are bound morphemes, and… read more
Guerrero, Lilián 2019 Grammatical relations in YaquiArgument Selectors: A new perspective on grammatical relations, Witzlack-Makarevich, Alena and Balthasar Bickel (eds.), pp. 433–467 | Chapter
This paper describes a number of selectors for grammatical relations in Yaqui. The main selectors discussed in the paper include case marking, word order, suppletion, passive and valency-increasing mechanisms, control and anaphoric constructions. The study reveals two crucial aspects: Yaqui is a… read more
Guerrero, Lilián and Irasema Cruz Domínguez 2017 Feelings as emotion, attitude, and viewpointsArgument Realisation in Complex Predicates and Complex Events: Verb-verb constructions at the syntax-semantic interface, Nolan, Brian and Elke Diedrichsen (eds.), pp. 348–373 | Article
This chapter examines the syntax and semantics of sentir ‘to feel’ in simple and complex structures. Based on data from Mexican Spanish, we corroborate the polysemy of this verb, and we point out that different complement types (and verb forms) denote particular subjective connotations (emotions,… read more
This paper examines purpose and rationale clauses, two subtypes of purposive constructions. The study of these constructions has been mainly developed for English within formal syntax. A purpose clause is a VP-internal adjunct containing a gap bound to the matrix object(i.e. controllee), while a… read more
Guerrero, Lilián 2012 On relative clauses and related constructions in YaquiRelative Clauses in Languages of the Americas: A typological overview, Comrie, Bernard and Zarina Estrada-Fernández (eds.), pp. 97–126 | Article
This paper examines the form and function of relative clauses in Yaqui. Two major types of relative clauses are identified, subject relatives marked by -me and non-subject relatives marked by -’u. Additionally, there are three structure types which closely resemble relative units: ‘non-restrictive’… read more
Guerrero, Lilián 2008 Alternative expressions of 'want' complementsInvestigations of the Syntax–Semantics–Pragmatics Interface, Van Valin Jr., Robert D. (ed.), pp. 321–336 | Article
The complements of “want” predicate may vary depending on the identity of the main and the dependent subjects. When identical, five main tendencies are found cross-linguistically: (i) the dependent subject is omitted, (ii) the dependent subject is overtly expressed, (iii) “want” is a desiderative… read more