Kate L. Lindsey

List of John Benjamins publications for which Kate L. Lindsey plays a role.


Strong, Katherine, Kate L. Lindsey and Katie Drager. 2022. Kawa and the variable stopping of obstruents in Ende. What’s so standard about standards? Variationist principles and debates, Kasstan, Jonathan R. (ed.), pp. 150–173
This paper details a study investigating sociophonetic variation in Ende, a language spoken in Papua New Guinea. The study examines speech produced by 30 individuals, investigating what social and linguistic factors are linked with the variable alternation between stopped and affricated… read more | Article
Lindsey, Kate L. 2021. Ende oration and final /n/-realisation. Variation in the Pacific: Part II, Kashima, Eri and Miriam Meyerhoff (eds.), pp. 30–61
This paper presents a sociophonetic analysis of word-final /n/-elision in Ende (Pahoturi River; Papuan). An analysis of 73 speakers reveals that tense, phonological context, and most significantly, whether or not the speaker is a kawa practitioner, a prestigious type of public oration, are… read more | Article